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Use various tools to maximize your trading experience. We offer such risk management tools as Stop Limit, Guaranteed Stop and Stop loss to lock in profits. Use our trading tools such as Stop Loss, Stop Limit and Guaranteed Stop to limit losses and lock in profits.
OCTAFX also provides clients with set indicators and free Forex quotes in real time. Such tools can help you to analyze your charts easily.

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Short FAQ

What is Forex trading?
Forex is one of the biggest global financial markets for trading various currencies. Forex trading (also called a foreign exchange or FX) is a global market for trading currencies of different countries against each other. It gives vast opportunities for international trade and investments such as government financial transactions, import and export of goods, travel and global tourism, etc. Each of these options requires swap of some amount of one currency into another.
There are many different players on the FX market, but while trading Forex CFDs you generally speculate on the price changes within exchange rates. When you think that exchange rate will rise soon – you can open “buy” position, think that it will fall – a “sell” position.
Why Forex trading is different from stocks?
There are 3 main differences between trading shares and FX:
  • Volatility of the market of stocks is way wider than fluctuations found on Forex
  • Trading volume of Forex market larger than stocks one
  • Instruments diversity of stocks is wider. There are more thousands of shares while there are only several dozen of currency pairs
What economic factors influence Forex rates?
Forex rates are always affected by various economic and political factors such as the difference in value of currencies from various regions and countries. We can also point out such factors as terms of trade and other economic performances between countries or regions, their economic stability, balance of payments, inflation rates, etc. together with political relations./blockquote>
What are risks trading Forex?
There are some risks involved with trading FX which you should know before opening a position. For example, there are risks involving the interest rates. When the country changes the volume of such rates, it generally affects its currency. There are also risks involving the country of issue. Currency strength can be affected by level of political and economic stability of the country. Among advanced trading tools OctaFX offers various risk management instruments to make your trading risks minimal.