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Short FAQ

How to trade stocks online?
Online stock trading means that some company shares are publicly traded on stocks exchange in order to buy or sell for other companies or individuals. Stock price is usually determined by the total number of company shares, usually in a currency of country the company is originally from. Stock price rises when more people want to buy a company share and vice versa.
What is Stock CFD trading?
With trading shares CFDs you can speculate on prices of various companies listed on well-known exchanges, such as NASDAQ and Tokyo Stock. In this case you don’t need to own stocks of the companies listed to start trading. With СFD trading you can also increase your profit with leverage. Why is Forex trading is different from stocks?
Why Stocks trading is different from Forex?
There are 3 main differences between trading shares and FX:
  • Volatility of the market of stocks is way wider than fluctuations found on Forex.
  • Trading volume of Stocks market are smaler than forex’s one.
  • Instruments diversity of stocks is wider. There are more thousands of shares while there are only several dozen of currency pairs.
How to begin trading on stock market prices?
Follow several quick steps to start trading stocks:
      1. Register an account.
      2. Verify your documents.
      3. Make a deposit.
      4. Search for a stock you want to trade.
      5. Open the order.
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